What we Look for

There are a number of key attributes NVP considers when partnering with entrepreneurs. Most importantly, we assess the team’s domain expertise, track record and passion to build and grow a company.

The passion and vision of the founders. Do they have a record of success? Can they meet the challenges of launching a large-scale company or growing an existing company with significant revenue? If they are less experienced, are they open to advice and guidance? If no management team is in place, can one be built?

The marketplace opportunity. What is the market size? Is there ample room for competition? Can a sizable, lasting enterprise be built?

The quality of the technology, product or service. Is the technology, product or service offering unique? Will it last? Do the founders have the knowledge and experience to bring it to market?

The value to the customer. What problem does this company solve? How will this offering solve the problem? How will its value be communicated to the prospective customer?

Financial Performance. Does the company have rapid revenue earnings growth, recurring revenue, high margins? Is there any existing debt in the company? What is the current burn rate? Is this a fast growing company with a strong market position and net income traction?