Engagio Flips B2B Marketing Automation Upside Down
August 09, 2016

Engagio Flips B2B Marketing Automation Upside Down

In the old days of digital B2B marketing (i.e. a couple of years ago) companies would cast their net as wide as they could. They’d send out an email campaign to thousands of people, set their net at the top of their marketing funnel, then run all the campaign responders through the funnel with hopes that a few customers would emerge at the end of the process.

But if your company is hunting the big customers—those “whales” that are likely to sign a mid-five-figure, six-figure, or even seven-figure annual deal—you’re not going to catch them with a net. You need a harpoon (figuratively speaking, of course).

This is where Engagio comes in. Engagio flips the funnel. It provides B2B marketing and sales prospecting tools that enable companies to target those accounts most likely to drive revenue. This is known as account-based marketing. But Engagio goes further by bringing sales into the account picture , which is why they call it  “account-based everything.” Think of it as a strategy to orchestrate all your targeted marketing, sales and success efforts to land and expand significant accounts.

Recently, Norwest led the investment in Engagio’s $22 million Series B round of financing, with participation from existing investors FirstMark Capital, Storm Ventures, First Round Capital, and Amplify. This is our latest infusion of capital in the enterprise cloud space. Other investments include CognitiveScale, Honeybook, TigerText, Gong, BlueJeans, Glint, Adaptive Insights and Act-On. We’re impressed with the Engagio solution and the company, which is defining the new space of account-based everything.

Complete account-based orchestration

Engagio helps you manage target accounts and updates your team on their progress toward reaching those decision-makers directly. Engagio’s orchestration platform arranges all your outbound interactions—from email to phone to social to demand generation—across all your departments and channels.

The leads and contacts associated with an account, as well as the communication channels available to engage them, and the “plays” you use can all be orchestrated on the Engagio platform.

Sound effective? It is. That’s why account-based marketing (ABM) is the future of B2B marketing. It enables companies to focus on high-value accounts instead of spending time on broad nets to produce mere leads. A survey by FlipMyFunnel showed the majority of SMBs are either working with ABM or planning to implement it in the next year. Engagio signed 50 customers in its first ten months, including BlueJeans, New Relic, Apttus, Guidewire, Aria, Hearsay Social, VersionOne, LiveRamp, Exabeam, InsightSquared and Hortonworks.

A track record of success

Engagio co-founder Jon Miller has a proven track record of being a category creator. He co-founded Marketo, a marketing-automation company that went public in May 2013 and was recently acquired for $1.8 billion. Now, Jon has gathered a talented team of people who are experts in the space and who he has worked with before to drive the success of Engagio. Engagio’s world-class leadership team of cloud executives includes Brian Babcock, CTO and co-founder (formerly of Platfora, Rocket Fuel, and Adchemy);  Ray Carroll, VP Sales (seven years at Marketo); Scott Fehr, VP Customer Success (formerly of Eloqua and Oracle Marketing Cloud) and Glen Lipka, Head of Magic and VP Product/UX (formerly of Marketo).

Engagio has done a lot already. And it has an open field in front of it. We’re excited to join Jon, his team and a talented investor group to help build a company that will lead a sea change in B2B marketing in years ahead.

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