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August 29, 2022
How Good Governance Drives Long-Term Success
  • Host
    Lisa Ames, CMO and Operating Exec, Norwest
  • Location
  • When
    September 21, 2022
  • Time
    9-10am PT | 12-1pm ET
  • Speakers
    Shu Dar Yao, Senior Advisor, Norwest and Founder of Lucid Capitalism

Do you need more clarity around the meaning of E-S-G? How about we start just with ‘G?’

Governance, alongside environmental and social topics, helps drive your company’s long-term value, and it commonly involves board policies and controls. Integrating ESG into your company’s DNA is a necessary marathon, not a sprint—and you need a plan to effectively understand and manage the governance risks and opportunities that evolve as your company scales.

On September 21, Norwest CMO and Operating Exec Lisa Ames and Senior Advisor, ESG Shu Dar Yao demystify governance and explain:

  1. What governance is
  2. How leveraging governance ensures long-term success
  3. What bad governance looks like and common mistakes to avoid

This is an event for Norwest portfolio companies. For more information please contact



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