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November 21, 2022
Let’s Talk TikTok Ads: Actionable Insights for Peformance Marketers
  • Location
  • When
    December 6, 2022
  • Time
    10-11am PT | 1-2pm ET
  • Speakers
    Jamie Fontana, VP of E-Commerce, Vuori
    Kyra Richards, Growth Marketer, Right Side Up
    Abir Hegazi, Growth Marketer, Right Side Up

TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z anymore. In this deep dive for performance marketers, we’ll dig into the intricacies of advertising on TikTok and everything you’ll need to know to scale. We’ll cover the likelihood of channel viability, recommendations for getting started, and best practices for scaling.

We’ll cover:

  • What sets TikTok apart from other paid social channels
  • How to determine if you’re likely to find success on TikTok
  • Why, when, and how to get started, including recommended timelines, budgets, and resources
  • The vital role of creative in any successful TikTok campaign plus creative best practices
  • Examples of brands finding success on TikTok

This is an event for Norwest portfolio companies. For more information please contact

Hosted by: Norwest and Right Side Up