Norwest, Udemy and Alpha co-hosted an exclusive Ed Tech dinner in San Francisco to discuss what it takes to get the education industry to adopt and embrace innovative products. This intimate event included 25-30 leading CEOs, founders and professors in the education industry from such companies and institutions as Udemy, Edmodo, New Schools Venture Fund, Graduate School of EDU at Stanford University, Alt School, Rafter, Instaedu and Quizlet. The evening was filled with lively conversation about highly relevant topics including:

  • K-12 education reform and how technology can help
  • The role of vertically integrated models and offerings such as Alt School and Minerva
  • Ways to reduce college education costs and enhance the college experience using technology
  • The role of lifelong learning and the impact of supplemental education on job creation

Read more in TechCrunch about “Bridging the Gap Between Education and The Future Workforce”┬áin an article written by Sergio Monsalve.

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