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April 06, 2016
Norwest Investor Summit & CEO Networking Dinner
  • Host
    Norwest Venture Partners
  • Location
    Julia Morgan Ballroom, San Francisco
  • Speakers
    Mariam Naficy, Co-Founder and CEO of Minted
    Dennis Yang, CEO of Udemy
    Philip Krim, Co-Founder and CEO of Casper Sleep
    Marc Lore, Founder and CEO of
    Oz Alon, CEO of HoneyBook
    Jim Barnett, Co-Founder. Chairman and CEO of Glint
    Shanna Tellerman, Founder and CEO of Modsy

Norwest’s 4th annual Investor Summit brought together investment bankers, portfolio managers and analysts to hear from our consumer portfolio executives. The event featured keynotes from Minted, Udemy, Casper and Jet as well as a lightning round of presentations from innovative early-stage companies HoneyBook, Glint and Modsy.

The Summit provides great exposure for our entrepreneurs to the broader financial community, while giving bankers and investors an early look at Norwest companies that have scaled and are on a growth trajectory.

A networking dinner took place immediately following the Summit.

A highlight video and photos from the event may be viewed below.

Our Investor Summit provides an opportunity for Norwest portfolio companies to meet investment bankers, public and private portfolio managers, and Wall St. analysts. At this event we feature our high profile consumer internet portfolio companies that have an impressive growth story and are typically within a few years of a potential IPO or other liquidity event. The Summit has served as great exposure for our companies to the broader financial community. At the same time, the event gives bankers and investors an early look at hot Norwest companies that already have both growth and scale and gives them a chance to interact with our CEOs in a setting somewhat more intimate than the very large gatherings at the big banking conferences. The net result is that the Summit can meaningfully raise the profile of our CEOs and portfolio companies with key constituents in the late stage public/private investor community and increase the market buzz about the companies.