How are companies planning for an uncertain 2023? Data is showing a tenuous tug-of-war as companies balance deteriorating market conditions with investing in employee experience and retention.

Laurie Tennant, named an HR Innovator by Business Insider, joins Lisa Ames to reveal the top takeaways from Norwest’s annual Talent & People Practices Benchmark Survey of 100+ people leaders.

Topics will include:

  • How people leaders are balancing employee satisfaction with startup belt-tightening
  • Retention challenges leaders face and what they’re cutting vs. keeping
  • Interpretation of employee flexibility and remote working
  • What’s trending for hiring in 2023
  • Inflation impact on comp increases and expectations

Join us to hear what your peers are planning for 2023. Bring your questions and your own ideas. We’ll share best practices to foster culture, retain talent, and embrace change. All are welcome.

TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z anymore. In this deep dive for performance marketers, we’ll dig into the intricacies of advertising on TikTok and everything you’ll need to know to scale. We’ll cover the likelihood of channel viability, recommendations for getting started, and best practices for scaling.

We’ll cover:

  • What sets TikTok apart from other paid social channels
  • How to determine if you’re likely to find success on TikTok
  • Why, when, and how to get started, including recommended timelines, budgets, and resources
  • The vital role of creative in any successful TikTok campaign plus creative best practices
  • Examples of brands finding success on TikTok

This is an event for Norwest portfolio companies. For more information please contact

Hosted by: Norwest and Right Side Up


Launching your company is a mountain of a milestone. After the flurry of activity leading up to your GA announcement, how can you give yourself every advantage to create momentum post-launch? It starts with building your marketing engine.

Join Strategic Advisor Ranjeet Vidwans and Norwest Operating Executive Renée Cohen, as they discuss how to direct your burgeoning marketing function. You’ll learn:

  • Three crucial things to do before starting demand generation
  • A golden tip to create awareness (even before hiring your marketing lead!)
  • How to approach budgeting and building the team

We look forward to seeing you there. This event will be recorded.

Engineering teams play a significant role in maximizing a startup’s success from its earliest stages. It’s no surprise that any misstep in your engineering team structure or strategy could significantly hamper growth.

Norwest is hosting a panel to explore proven strategies for scaling engineering organizations. Hosted by Norwest Partner Rama Sekhar, he will be joined by:

  • Einat Orr, PhD., CEO & Co-founder of Treeverse, Co-creator of lakeFS
  • Ohad Parush, VP of R&D, Gong
  • Sri Ramalingam, Head of Engineering, Harness

They’ll share real world examples of how their teams have scaled engineering organizations and offer tips for recognizing and overcoming challenges as you grow. You’ll learn:

  • How to structure and scale your engineering team from 30 to 300
  • Ways to balance technical debt while building new features
  • Best practices for attracting and retaining engineering talent

For more information please contact

Do you need more clarity around the meaning of E-S-G? How about we start just with ‘G?’

Governance, alongside environmental and social topics, helps drive your company’s long-term value, and it commonly involves board policies and controls. Integrating ESG into your company’s DNA is a necessary marathon, not a sprint—and you need a plan to effectively understand and manage the governance risks and opportunities that evolve as your company scales.

On September 21, Norwest CMO and Operating Exec Lisa Ames and Senior Advisor, ESG Shu Dar Yao demystify governance and explain:

  1. What governance is
  2. How leveraging governance ensures long-term success
  3. What bad governance looks like and common mistakes to avoid

This is an event for Norwest portfolio companies. For more information please contact

How are companies optimizing efficiency and increasing productivity, successfully? It’s more within reach than you think! Join Norwest Senior Advisor, David Garcia, and our friend Jacco van der Kooij, founder of Winning By Design, the leader in accelerating and optimizing recurring revenue for B2B organizations.

David and Jacco will discuss the strategies helping companies drive sustainable growth during times of turbulence:

  1. Achieving sustainable growth, rather than growth at all costs
  2. Improving revenue productivity per rep, rather than hiring more reps
  3. Optimizing recurring revenue from existing customers, and accelerating new logo acquisition

You should join this conversation if you’re in charge of driving sales and revenue in your company. You’ll walk away with next steps for driving sustainable growth and maybe even some inspiration for your teams!

Stock options can be a critical tool for incentivizing employees. When stock value declines and stock options become “underwater,” the incentive goal of stock options is undermined or lost. Companies may feel pressure to address this issue by repricing the underwater stock options.

Norwest is hosting an event for Norwest portfolio CFOs and CEOs on Wednesday, September 7, to learn the considerations and the potential alternatives for options repricing.

We’ll be joined by our friends at Cooley LLP to discuss structuring, tax implications, and securities laws issues companies should consider when deciding whether and how to reprice stock options. All with a focus on unique challenges faced by private companies.

For more information please contact

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” General Partner Dave Zilberman has embraced this quote in the past few months while working closely with portfolio companies on cash planning scenarios. In this virtual panel, Dave and guests will share their perspectives, advice, and best practices around scenario planning. They will cover:

  • Why scenario planning is a crucial exercise for every company
  • How to model sales downturn scenarios and forecast impact on cash runway
  • Best practices and tactical advice for cash preservation while nurturing growth
  • Personal experiences and best practices for weathering a downturn
  • Q&A

When: Wednesday, August 17 | 9 – 10am PT, 12 – 1pm ET | via Zoom

Register here to save your seat and to read more about the panelists.

Your RevOps team can be marketing’s best friend, especially when you give them a seat at the table. They can bridge silos between teams, help bring clarity to misaligned goals and objectives, and create tightly integrated processes to help your marketing org integrate seamlessly into the rest of the revenue function.

Join us to learn three ways RevOps can help you transform marketing into a strategic, integrated function and drive efficiency:

  • Get marketing and sales singing from the same hymnbook with a unified GTM strategy
  • Work wizardry with analytics to uncover key insights that will help optimize revenue creation
  • Proactively recommend opportunities for operational efficiency—cutting costs and speeding time-to-market

These can all be achieved when you give RevOps the time and mandate to be proactive and join your strategic planning.

Save your seat!

Lisa Ames, Norwest’s CMO and Operating Executive, is leading a discussion on Imposter Syndrome for our portfolio leaders on May 25. Turns out, Imposter Syndrome can actually be a good thing. We’ll discuss how we all can start realizing and appreciating our gifts completely, and use that inner voice to drive success.

This is a private event for our portfolio companies. If you would like additional information please reach out to Be sure to check out Lisa’s blog on this topic.