2023 B2B Sales & Marketing Survey Results Revealed

Achieving efficient growth is hard work, especially when the costs of paid programs are increasing while at the same time your cash burn needs to decrease. Norwest’s go-to-market (GTM) operating executives have been working shoulder-to-shoulder with our portfolio companies to navigate a lot of challenges in this current climate. That’s why we prioritized the launch of […]

CRO Confidential: How to Sell Software in a Downturn

As the economy softens and the risk of a recession looms, budget compression is impacting software sales. We’ve heard from market participants that software purchases are seeing more scrutiny and sales cycles are elongating. Join Norwest for an exclusive event to learn how leading CROs are approaching the current market. Don’t miss this opportunity to […]

The Path from CPO to CEO

The Chief Product Officer (CPO) has emerged as a powerful force in our digital world. With a focus on supplier-led innovation, digitalization, and platform strategies, the CPO of today can contribute to strategy development, product innovation, customer-centric services, and, to an extent, sales. The expanding scope of their roles has many product leaders asking, “What’s […]

2023 People Outlook: Balancing Budgets, Benefits, and Hiring

How are companies planning for an uncertain 2023? Data is showing a tenuous tug-of-war as companies balance deteriorating market conditions with investing in employee experience and retention. Laurie Tennant, named an HR Innovator by Business Insider, joins Lisa Ames to reveal the top takeaways from Norwest’s annual Talent & People Practices Benchmark Survey of 100+ people leaders. Topics will […]