Ethical AI for Startup Founders and Teams: Key Questions and Foundational Steps

Keren Bitan is the founding principal at Tandem Impact, a boutique sustainability consulting firm. She specializes in advising investment firms — including Norwest — and high-growth companies on responsible investing and sustainable business growth. Keren is available to provide guidance to Norwest portfolio companies as part of our robust portfolio services offering. For any inquiries, […]

Is Your Company ‘Enterprise Ready’?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with some two dozen founders or CEOs of startup companies during New York Tech Week. The topic was building an organization for long-term success, an area that I support leaders in through my role as CRO Operating Executive and Principal at Norwest. I posed a critical question: Is […]

15 Pieces of Marketing Gold From the 2023 Norwest Growth Marketing Summit

The Norwest Growth Marketing Summit made a triumphant return this year, uniting B2B, B2C, and healthcare portfolio marketing leaders and friends. The timing couldn’t be better — with 2024 planning underway, we gathered our community in a safe space for inspiration, learning, and frank conversations about common challenges. I started the day rallying our attendees […]

Everything You Need to Know to Start an Open-Source Software Company

So, you’ve built an open-source project that has greatly improved developer productivity and the community loves it – thousands of GitHub stars, contributors, and pull requests. Everyone’s chatting about it on Discord and Slack. Congrats. 🏆 It’s only natural that you’d think about taking the next step and building a company around the project. Your […]

From SMB to Enterprise: Five Strategies for Moving Upmarket

One of the challenges for SaaS company leaders is deciding when and how to move upmarket – graduating from small/medium businesses (SMBs) to enterprises. The attraction of moving upmarket is clear: greater revenues, longer contracts, more prestigious logos, and more valuable customer feedback. Another advantage is a more stable customer base, which translates into greater […]