4 Signs It’s Time to Invest in a Brand Refresh

About the author Jill Melchionda is an advisor for Norwest and specializes in partnering with B2B companies to harness brand as a competitive advantage. She often serves as a “chief of Staff to CMOs” supporting strategic and high-profile initiatives, where strategy, creativity, and orchestrated alignment are paramount to success. With decades of experience working in […]

15 Pieces of Marketing Gold From the 2023 Norwest Growth Marketing Summit

The Norwest Growth Marketing Summit made a triumphant return this year, uniting B2B, B2C, and healthcare portfolio marketing leaders and friends. The timing couldn’t be better — with 2024 planning underway, we gathered our community in a safe space for inspiration, learning, and frank conversations about common challenges. I started the day rallying our attendees […]

What Marketers Really Think About Generative AI, According to Norwest Survey

The race for marketers to adopt generative AI is on — and so far, they’re optimistic about it. In May 2023, we fielded an online survey, Generative AI in Marketing, to find out how marketers view the benefits, challenges, and potential of generative AI. The goal was to understand how leaders are currently using this […]

5 Low-Cost Ways to Optimize Your Marketing for Challenging Times

piggy bank with dollar bill in it

During uncertain times like these—when many startups and young companies may face lower revenue growth and sparser access to capital—we at Norwest lean in more than ever to help our companies drive capital- efficient growth and extend their cash runway. To look at cash preservation from a marketing perspective, I facilitated a discussion with more […]

Marketing Your Way to Series B

wooden blocks

We received a lot of positive reaction to the roundtable discussion we hosted on how to launch your company without breaking the bank, as well as an accompanying launch playbook. Many founders and CEOs wanted a follow-up discussion about the next steps young companies should take in building out their marketing functions. In response to […]