Improving Healthcare Workflows Saves Lives and Money: A Look at Real-World Examples

One of the most exasperating aspects of healthcare in the United States is the gap between the level of spending and the resulting outcomes. The U.S. spends more than any other advanced economy in the world on healthcare, yet we have the worst outcomes among large-economy countries: shorter lifespans, higher rates of infant and maternal […]

What We Foresee in 2023: 7 Norwest Investors Share Their Industry Insights

cherry blossoms in snow

In 2022, we committed more than $1B in capital across 96 new and follow-on deals—bringing our total active portfolio companies to 230. Our team made countless introductions and connections over the year, offering steady guidance to our community as we prepared to navigate potentially choppy waters together. From our 60+ years of experience, we’ve learned […]

Financial Executive Roundtable: Strategic Planning in Times of Economic Uncertainty

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I recently moderated a virtual roundtable on the topic of managing finances in a time of economic uncertainty – a pressing issue these days. The theme of the discussion was that while tough decisions need to be made, CEOs and senior finance executives shouldn’t panic. The economic recalibration we’re going through is not unprecedented; these […]