Intersect ENT is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients with ear, nose and throat conditions. The company markets two steroid releasing implants, PROPEL and PROPEL mini, clinically proven to improve surgical outcomes for patients with chronic sinusitis undergoing ethmoid sinus surgery. In addition, Intersect ENT is developing new steroid releasing implants designed to provide ENT physicians with customized options to treat patients with chronic sinusitis less invasively and more cost effectively. Chronic sinusitis is an inflammatory condition leading to debilitating symptoms and chronic infections and is one of the most costly conditions to U.S. employers.


As we built out our sales force across the United States and grew our sales over 3000% from commercialization to IPO, Norwest’s financing and guidance was critical to our success. Their partnership was and remains key during our rapid commercial growth and scaling. We would not be where we are today without them. Our focus is on delivering great outcomes to our customers and Norwest always reminds us that to be successful we have to keep our patients at the center of all that we do. Now that we are public, their continued guidance is vital as we navigate the public markets, develop new products and therapies, and begin to expand beyond U.S. borders. We are indeed fortunate and proud to be part of the Norwest family.

Lisa Earnhardt, President and CEO