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Sergio Monsalve


Sergio has worked for the majority of his career as an entrepreneur and startup operator. He has served in a wide variety of functions including founder, product manager, marketer, venture fundraiser, salesman, mergers and acquisitions analyst, and even a handyman.  As a venture capital investor at Norwest, he brings this same multi-disciplinary approach and passion for building great companies to his current role as investor, coach, and mentor. He has been fortunate to have been part of some successes including Portal Software (which went public in 1999 at a $10B market capitalization and was later sold to Oracle), eBay (a company that in five years grew from $800M to $4.5B in revenue during his tenure there), and Photobucket (sold to NEWS Corp for $300M).  At eBay, he grew his marketplace category from $100M to more than $500M. Sergio believes that his operational and entrepreneurial experience is critical to being a helpful venture partner to founders and startup executives.

At Norwest, Sergio is mainly focused on early stage investments in marketplaces, mobile applications, on-demand applications, consumer finance, and educational technologies. His current investments and board seats include Adaptive Insights (SaaS), Motif Investing (financial technology), SketchDeck (marketplace), Udemy (marketplace), Stratim (intelligence logistics platform),  Kwik, and Sensay. He previously was on the board of The DealMap (acquired by Google), myYearbook (Nasdaq: MEET), and StarCite (acquired by The Active Network). He also served as a board observer at InsightsOne (acquired by Apigee) and Lending Club (Nasdaq: LC).

Sergio has lived, studied, and/or worked in Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, and Mexico. His international experience enables him to take a global approach when funding startups. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in management sciences & engineering (industrial engineering) from Stanford University.

A more detailed background on Sergio can be found here.

Get To Know Sergio

  • What was your first job?

    At 11 years old, I sold Nerf footballs (which I imported from the U.S.) to my classmates in Latin America.

  • What is something that people may not know about you?

    I almost had to drop out of Stanford my sophomore year due to funding.

  • Do you have any hidden talents?

    Thumb wrestling

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Alumni Companies

Acquired by Google
Acquired by Apigee
Acquired by Quepasa
Acq. by The Active Network

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