Values are important. They define and differentiate. That’s why we’re sharing our values with you. These values define how we work with each other—and with current and prospective partners. They also differentiate us from other venture firms, giving you a sense of what’s most important to us and how we work with our partners.

We leave our egos at the door

Yes, we’re hungry, and ambitious, and driven to win. But there’s no room for big egos here. Kindness and respect rule the day—for our portfolio companies and each other.

We empower people, not politics

At Norwest, the best ideas always win, regardless of who or where they come from. We encourage initiative and inclusiveness—not influence or intimidation. Self-starters thrive here, team comes first, and performance reigns supreme.

We speak the truth

Act with integrity. Share bad news early. And favor the facts—because facts don’t lie. We believe asking for help is a sign of strength and getting to the truth only happens with deep diligence, perpetual curiosity, and healthy debates.

We love the journey…and the reward

We play to win…and win big. But we choose long-term rewards over short-term gains because ultimately that’s what yields the best results for everyone. Patience, courage, and conviction are essential.

We don’t tolerate harassment or discrimination

Inside or outside our company. Feeling comfortable, safe and free from inappropriate and disrespectful conduct are non-negotiable.


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