Norwest company since: 2012
Sector: Enterprise
Stage: Growth Equity
Investor: Jon Kossow, Ran Ding

Worldview Spotlight

Avetta Leverages Trusted Networks of Contracting Organizations and Workers to Build Safe and Sustainable Workplaces


Avetta deploys technology, expertise and partnerships to establish the largest network of buyers, suppliers and workers globally.
Who They Are and What They Do

Avetta is a global provider of cloud-based supply chain risk management solutions, and a marketplace for products and services related to insurance and safety. Launched with a vision to make sure that all workers get home from their jobs safely, Avetta has since expanded its vision to ensure that every workplace is safe and sustainable.

Why We’re Proud of This Investment
  • Care for worker safety: Avetta understands that some jobs are dangerous by nature and helps companies minimize the risks to workers.
  • Commitment to international norms: Avetta is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact, an international agreement to uphold Ten Principles related to human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption.
  • Sustainability focus: Avetta has expanded its purview to include supply chain risk more broadly. Considerations include the environment, increasing transparency and diversity.
  • Thought leadership: Avetta continually contributes to the greater good of the industry by publishing resources on supply-chain best practice topics ranging from ESG to company culture, gender diversity, human rights and more.
How This Company Fits our Worldview

Norwest has a long-held interest in compliance-driven SaaS solutions as evidenced our investment Avetta, along with Cority, Diligent and Galvanize. We appreciate the legal and financial drivers of compliance efforts, and we believe in the goals behind compliance targets, including worker safety, environmental protection and responsible financial management.

“Norwest wanted us to keep doing what made the company great.” – John Moreland, Co-Founder, Avetta

One of the reasons we chose Norwest was because the investors understood our vision and believed in us.
– Jared Smith, Co-Founder, Avetta


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