Norwest company since: 2021
Sector: Enterprise
Stage: Growth Equity
Investor: Jon Kossow

Worldview Spotlight

Classy Scales Philanthropy and Brings It to the Future


Classy’s mission is to mobilize and empower the world for good.
Who They Are and What They Do

Classy is a B Corp Certified Public Benefit Corporation that helps nonprofit organizations maximize their impact through a suite of world-class, online fundraising tools to accelerate social impact around the world. Trusted by thousands of nonprofits, Classy provides the formats and flexibility to activate donors by creating more relevant connections to their causes. Since 2011, Classy has helped nonprofits raise over $3.5 billion on its platform.

Why We’re Proud of This investment
  • Third-party validation: Classy has been a certified B Corp since 2020.
  • Stakeholder accountability: In 2021, Classy incorporated as Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).
  • Impact is measured and reported: Classy published its first Impact Report (2021), detailing Classy’s Theory of Change, DEI process and goals, and progress towards measuring its greenhouse gas footprint.
  • Supporting philanthropy: In addition to helping nonprofits efficiently scale their fundraising to support their operations, Classy hosts the Collaborative conference and Classy Awards to spotlight innovative work nonprofits are implementing around the globe.
How this Company Fits into our Worldview

In addition to market-based solutions for social and environmental challenges, there will always be a role for philanthropy. COVID and increased digitization of fundraising have changed the landscape of philanthropy permanently and requires more nonprofits to lean into technology solutions to meet the needs of their recipients.


As noted in a blog titled Our Classy Investment Shows That Investing and Impact are Not Mutually Exclusive, Classy simplifies the growing tech stack that many nonprofits are struggling to manage. The company helps nonprofits raise money seamlessly so that they can focus on the mission.


At Classy, balancing purpose and profit has been in our ethos since our founding. In Norwest we found a partner that aligned with these values and could also help us continue to build the best technology to serve the social sector. Norwest’s investment allows us to pour more focus into product development and drive the biggest impact and ROI for our nonprofit customers.
– Christopher Himes, CEO, Classy