Norwest company since: 2020
Sector: Healthcare
Stage: Venture
Investor: Casper de Clercq

Worldview Spotlight

Clever Care Provides Access to Culturally Sensitive & Holistic Healthcare for Medicare Beneficiaries


To improve the lives of our members by delivering access to culturally sensitive healthcare solutions.
Who They Are and What They Do

Clever Care Health Plan provides Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans. Originally conceived to address the unique needs of Asian American populations in the US, Clever Care plans are unique in their intentional integration of Eastern and Western medicine. Clever Care provides for underserved populations by ensuring they have access to the types of care they need, in the languages they speak and communities where they live.

Why we’re proud of this investment
  • Dedication to underserved communities: Clever Care is focused on meeting the unique needs of the communities they serve. As the pandemic spread across the globe, Clever Care assured beneficiaries that all Covid-related services would be 100% covered.
  • Integrated vision of health: Providing coverage for certain types of Eastern medicine in addition to typical Western medicine yields a more holistic approach to health that also provides for the unique needs of Clever Care’s beneficiary communities.
  • Cultural sensitivity by design: Language barriers have been identified as a substantial obstacle to healthcare access. Clever Care’s providers speak the languages in which beneficiary communities are most comfortable communicating.
How this company fits our worldview

As we discussed in Taking on COVID-19: How 5 Healthcare Companies are Making a Difference, we strongly value access to quality healthcare for all. Clever Care’s approach to providing health coverage designed to meet the unique needs of specific populations of Medicare Advantage patients embodies the type of healthcare innovation that drives the change we want to see.

We have been fortunate to partner with Norwest, whose healthcare expertise was invaluable in helping us launch and scale our company. It is exciting that Norwest believes in and shares our vision of helping underserved aging populations.
– Myong Lee, President & Co-Founder of Clever Care Health Plan