Norwest company since: 2021
Sector: Consumer
Stage: Venture
Investor: Jeff Crowe

Worldview Spotlight

ICON Innovates for Humanity’s Future With 3D Printing Construction Technology


ICON’s mission is to make dignified housing accessible to everyone and advance humanity with technology.
Who They Are and What They Do

ICON is a pioneer in the 3D-printed structure space driven by founder Jason Ballard’s combined vision to solve the global housing crisis and build homes in a more sustainable way. The company’s large-scale 3D printer, Vulcan II, has already printed homes for families living in poverty in Tabasco, Mexico and the chronically homeless in Austin, Texas.

Why We’re Proud of This Investment
  • Leveraging partnerships for greater impact: To address major challenges like housing affordability and space habitation, ICON partners with best-in-class community-based nonprofits and government agencies, including NASA.
  • Local solutions for global challenges: Housing affordability is a problem for low and even middle-income populations worldwide. ICON is already piloting affordable housing development in countries outside of the U.S. The company ensures its designs will address the unique needs of each community by working with local community organizations throughout their process.
How This Company Fits our Worldview

ICON joins the ranks of Norwest portfolio companies creating solutions for the future of housing. As we shared in blogs covering fellow Prop Tech portfolio companies Abodu and Common, housing access and affordability is an area where we see both significant investment opportunity and a chance to help address a widespread socioeconomic challenge.


Read our announcement about this investment to learn more.
ICON's groundbreaking technology has created a new paradigm for homebuilding that fundamentally changes how housing is constructed...we are particularly excited about the opportunity for ICON to collaborate with home builders and massively impact the housing shortage currently plaguing the U.S.
– Jeff Crowe, Managing Partner, Norwest Venture Partners


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