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February 15, 2022

Sky’s the Limit: Cloud Product Executive Eyal Manor Joins Norwest as Entrepreneur in Residence

Headshot of Eyal Manor smiling

The development of cloud infrastructure during the past decade has transformed the enterprise software market, allowing the emergence of high-performance services and business models embedded in all new SaaS offerings. Almost all Norwest’s software portfolio companies, including Gong, Workato, Simpplr, InfluxData, Exabeam, and many others, were built with a cloud-first architecture, leveraging the availability, accessibility, resiliency, and security of the cloud.

At Norwest, we believe this technological revolution still has the potential for much more innovation. When the basic layers of cloud infrastructure have matured, higher layers of services will emerge to enhance and accelerate the development and delivery of new technologies as well as real-time data insights.

At the heart of this revolution are the teams who built Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Those builders are well-positioned to define the next generation of tools that will simplify what for many seems complex today. We are pleased to announce that a product leader with a Google Cloud pedigree is joining Norwest to explore the creation of new cloud infrastructure. Eyal Manor, former VP/GM of engineering and product at Google Cloud, is assuming an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) role at Norwest, where we will work closely with him to foster opportunities for discovery and innovation.

Eyal comes to Norwest from Twilio, where, as chief product and engineering officer, he oversaw the execution of product roadmaps for Twilio and Segment’s leading data platform. Eyal has experience building and scaling platforms from early ideation to billions of dollars in revenue. Prior to Twilio, he led a portfolio of technologies at Google Cloud, including Kubernetes, Istio security mesh, Cloud Run, Logging and Monitoring, Marketplace, developer tools, and others. Before joining Google, Eyal showed his entrepreneurial spirit by founding a voice and video SaaS streaming startup and was in the IAF Research Group.

We are eager to work with such an accomplished technologist and can’t wait to see how he’ll push the boundaries of cloud data, infrastructure, and applications in new ways.

“I am excited to partner with a top-tier VC firm like Norwest to push innovation forward and explore new technologies that can accelerate software development for the world.” – Eyal Manor, Entrepreneur in Residence, Norwest Venture Partners

Eyal is equally energized by the possibilities, saying, “I am excited to partner with a top-tier VC firm like Norwest to push innovation forward and explore new technologies that can accelerate software development for the world. I have been privileged to build new platforms and businesses with great people in my career. I look forward to exploring new opportunities that can profoundly accelerate innovation for developers and, more broadly, enterprise software.”

Eyal will join Norwest in March 2023.

Welcome to Norwest, Eyal!

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