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Building on
your success – together.

Growth Equity investment in 2021

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Growth Equity investment in 2019

Respect for all
you’ve done. Ready to help
you do even more.

You’ve made it this far – and have the battle scars to show it. But we all know that what got you here won’t get you there.

With decades of experience partnering with companies at your stage and in your industry, our growth equity team helps you maximize your next phase of growth. With a deep bench of advisors and operators who have been in your seat, we can help you build enduring value like no other. As invited guests, we’ll be there when you need guidance and step back when you don’t.

Our approach to growth equity investing.

From minority to majority investments, we’re always looking to partner with growing, capital-efficient businesses, wherever they might be.

We’ve seen what works, and we help turn today’s wins into long-term sustainable success. That means we focus on the big picture – with patience, empathy, and respect for your journey. We’re here to win, but we want to win the right way.



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Special Situations

Creating some of the market’s biggest success stories.

You’ve seen them, you know them, you admire them. But how did they get where they are? That’s where we come in.

There’s no one right way to grow. We’ll help you find yours.

You’ve already done so much right. Now you’re ready to make bold new moves to scale faster. At Norwest, we work closely with you to find the path that fits your unique needs.

Across talent & people, sales & marketing, and operations, we’re here to help guide and transform your business, without stepping on your toes. No takeovers. No cookie-cutter strategies. Never pushy or prescriptive. We offer resources and guidance – you decide how to use them. Because, in the end, it's always your vision we’re working towards.

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Our team works tirelessly
to round out yours.

When you work with Norwest, you work with all of us – a highly skilled lineup of founders, leaders, and operators with deep experience, extensive know-how, and a strong track record of repeated results.