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September 27, 2017

Why Legion Will Transform Hourly Workforce Engagement

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The world of work is rapidly changing. In only a few years, the emergence of new cloud, mobile and AI-based technologies have transformed workplaces and entire industries by increasing efficiency and boosting productivity.

But not all businesses have kept pace with the latest modern technology. Most of the innovation in workforce tech has focused on serving the salaried worker, leaving 78 million hourly workers behind. Although it’s the largest workforce in America, hourly workers remain one of the groups most underserved by new employee engagement tools, technologies and benefits. So, what’s next and how should this evolve?

This is a massive opportunity. For more than five years, I’ve been looking at mobile-first business applications and platforms. During my research, I learned there was a huge gap when it came to solutions designed specifically for the hourly workforce. I was shocked to learn that attrition with hourly workers can run as high as 100% per year, which means companies still have not figured out how to engage and retain hourly employees effectively – until now.

That’s why we were excited when we found Legion, a startup whose mission is to improve hourly workforce management and engagement for both employers and workers.

Legion’s intelligent workforce engagement platform transforms an hourly workforce into a connected network of employees by using AI-based technology. It automatically matches employees to work, taking into account labor forecast, employee preferences, compliance and many other factors. This way, employers can not only gain unprecedented efficiency in labor management but also give their workforce a broad spectrum of desired work options and thereby improve retention and culture.

Today, I’m very proud to announce that Norwest led Legion’s $10.5 million series A round of financing. The investment will accelerate the delivery of the Legion platform to customers and help the company scale.

I’m thrilled to join Legion’s board of directors and share my relevant enterprise cloud operating experience from Cornerstone OnDemand, WageWorks and Upwork, and help the company grow. I’m privileged to work with and learn from Legion’s talented CEO, Sanish Mondkar, who was formerly chief product officer & EVP at SAP and the EVP of product, technology and operations at Ariba.

We feel Norwest’s investment in Legion represents a unique opportunity to bank on a proven team in the human capital management space, where we’ve had a lot of experience as an investor —in companies including Avetta, Glint, Rallyteam, Risesmart, Simpplr, TigerText and Udemy.

We have confidence that the Legion team will find success in retail, food-service, hospitality, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and beyond. They’re already seeing tremendous traction with Philz Coffee, who recently deployed Legion’s solution in 40 locations to 1,000 hourly employees. Legion’s technology empowers workers with greater control over when, where and how much they work. On the management side, Legion empowers Philz with accurate forecasting, automated schedules, and real-time integrations to HR, PoS and mobile ordering, which leads to lower workforce management costs and improved worker performance and satisfaction.

We see Legion blazing a path that will ultimately reinvent hourly workforce engagement and change the future of work.