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October 4, 2022

Make Each (Work)Day More Meaningful with Xembly


We’re all familiar with spending days in stacked video calls, watching Slack notifications tick up and emails flood our inboxes resulting in a cluttered, compounding list of to-dos. The constant context switching and message overload often leads to countless hours of administrative work—taking notes from that call, scheduling those meeting invites, finding the rightSlack channel with those action items you know you saw somewhere. Sure, we might feel more efficient in these methods of communication, but are we more effective at our jobs? What if you could make your day more meaningful by focusing on higher-value work without being hamstrung by mundane, repetitive tasks?

A Chief of Staff for Everyone

Enter Xembly, an automated chief of staff for knowledge workers that sits at the nexus of efficiency and effectiveness. Xembly is directly accessible within the apps you use every day—email, Slack, calendar, and video. Xembly’s automated assistant, Xena, understands natural language conversation and is contextually aware, enabling users to converse with Xena through Slack or email like they would an actual chief of staff.

Xena gives users the flexibility to automate as much of their workday as they’d like, whether that’s suggesting dedicated focus windows, setting and managing to-dos, or scheduling meetings. Xembly’s powerful conversational AI technology means Xena can be an active, yet non-obtrusive participant across all environments where employee collaboration and communication occur. Along the way, Xena extracts meaningful information and turns spoken dialogue into accurately written and contextually aware meeting summaries and action items.



The longer-term vision for Xembly is to take the action items a step further, and “live” where the work gets done so that users can close the loop. Xembly’s task automation promises a huge efficiency unlock for users, saving them countless hours of time. But more importantly, Xembly makes each user way more effective in their roles.

Unlocking Productivity for Millions of Knowledge Workers

With an estimated 100M knowledge workers in the US alone, Xembly has a massive opportunity to fundamentally improve the way we work. Early adopters of Xembly rave about their love for the product and the leverage they receive from Xena, leading to greater productivity throughout their day. Xembly users are free to engage in more meaningful work knowing that Xena is in the background taking notes, tracking assigned action items, and managing their schedule. While many companies have tried their hand at various aspects of Xembly’s product suite, the advancement in AI and Xembly’s proprietary technology make it a truly differentiated and game changing experience for users.

We are elated to announce that Norwest is leading Xembly’s Series A round. Xembly founders, Pete Christothoulou (CEO) and Jason Flaks (CTO) previously worked together at Marchex, a publicly-traded conversational analytics business where Pete was co-founder and CEO, and Jason was Marchex’s product and engineering lead. Together, this visionary team is pushing the boundaries of machine learning and natural language processing to deliver a delightful consumer-grade product for enterprises small and large—and we are honored to be working alongside them.

Headshot of Xembly CEO Pete Christothoulou
CEO Pete Christothoulou
Headshot of Xembly CTO Jason Flaks
CTO Jason Flaks

On a personal note, Priti and Pete are delighted to be reunited, having launched their early careers together in technology investment banking.

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