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May 18, 2017

Scott Beechuk joins Norwest

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Private: Josh Goldman

We’re excited to announce that Scott Beechuk has joined the Norwest team, bringing deep experience in the increasingly vital field of cloud computing.

The cloud touches virtually every enterprise these days. It’s not a stretch to say that companies that do not do business in the cloud soon will not do business at all.

Scott comes to Norwest after a successful tenure at Salesforce as senior vice president of product management running its Service Cloud. In this role, Scott helped deliver $2.3 billion in annual revenue managing 1.5 million daily users (and continuing to grow at 28% per year).

On the entrepreneurial side, Scott has built companies. He knows what it means to be an operator, a founder, and CEO. He’s dealt with the pressure and has had to make the many tough decisions a leader has to make.

Scott’s startups included consumer and enterprise software companies that span e-commerce service, privacy middleware and a consumer metasearch engine. That experience helped him build the broad matrix of skillsets and knowledge that drives success in the venture industry.

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Scott is unique in that he brings a deep understanding of technology along with a strong creative background. He is both a left and right brain thinker, which could be extremely helpful to startup teams that need technical coaching and creative problem solving skills as they build and scale their companies. An important part of any investor’s day-to-day is spent outside of board meetings helping their companies with strategy, recruiting, organizational development, and business development. So, there’s a lot of action and value creation happening outside the board room – in between board meetings.

An analytical, creative, and flexible mind that blends logic and problem-solving abilities is a tremendous asset.

Scott also brings a unique life experience. He’s composed and produced music for the likes of Oliver Stone, Disney and Interscope. He’s toured the world as a musician, from Mexico City to Siberia. (Yes, Siberia.) I’m convinced that investors with a broad base of life experience as well as business experience can generally bring more value to the table, especially when a startup must navigate those inevitable situations that challenge both hemispheres of the brain.

Scott has fundamental experiences in both business success and disappointment. This is so crucial to the job of assisting and guiding in company building activities and strategies. Scott is familiar with the valleys and the peaks and he knows how to make the climb to the top.

As an investor, you’re going to join someone’s board and serve as a trusted advisor. In some cases, the relationship can be over a decade long. It is an intimate role that requires perspective, creativity, critical thinking, humility, and compassion.

The business of venture investing also requires an innate sense of where technology is headed and how to get there first. No one can tell the future, of course, but there are folks who have developed great instincts and pattern recognition that helps them navigate the landscape of business and technology as they converge, diverge, and create new opportunities.

In particular, Scott brings an ability to interpret the ways that cloud computing is evolving. He is one of the rare people to have been truly under the tent. This is critical. We’re now in the grips of the new world of cloud computing and there’s a war underway for who will control and shape it.

Scott brings more than 20 years of deep product management, engineering, and SaaS expertise to his role as a partner on Norwest’s enterprise team, combined with creative life experience in the world of music. It’s clear to us that Scott is a go-getter with drive while approaching business with a balanced understanding of both the technical and human aspects of life.

We’re excited that Scott has joined the team, and we’re looking forward to making beautiful music together.