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November 11, 2015

TigerText Promises to Transform the Workflow of Healthcare

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TigerText Promises to Transform the Workflow of Healthcare

Today, I am announcing our investment in TigerText, a company that is at the leading edge of providing next generation secure communications and workflow solutions to the enterprise; with a focus on healthcare and other highly regulated verticals that value team-based secure communications and workflows.

Major shifts in the work of enterprises, especially evident in healthcare, are requiring new forms of peer-to-peer and group based communication and workflow management. TigerText enables rapid improvements in the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of the coordination of team based work in healthcare. Additionally, TigerText’s new commercial API, TigerConnect allows other businesses to leverage their years of experience in secure communications and workflow by deploying their TigerConnect “Twilio-like” platform as a service.   One TigerConnect customer, PointClickCare, the leading EHR for the LTPAC market, leverages the platform to power their provider communications and improve their customers’ workflows throughout the continuum of care.

I am thrilled to be joining the TigerText team, founders and leaders Brad Brooks and Dr. Andrew Brooks, the Board of Directors, and the TigerText enterprise customer base for the next phase in the story of this company.

Mission Critical Communications

As an emergency physician at a technologically advanced US hospital system, I am constantly reminded of the importance of mission critical communications between myself and my team of providers. From ER length of stay to patient handoffs, critical lab alerts, the coordination of team based care, and the effective leveraging of consulting physicians, secure communications platforms will prove to be a key driver of safety, performance and reliability within US hospitals. Since the 1999 Institute of Medicine’s report “To Err is Human,” communications between providers has been highlighted as a key driver of the unsafe conditions present in the US healthcare system. I am proud of our investment in TigerText and in the TigerText’s team’s goal of making the workflow of healthcare safer, more efficient, and easier.

Brad Brooks and his brother Andrew Brooks, an orthopedic surgeon, founded TigerText five years ago with the goal of improving the ability of people to communicate. Healthcare became the clear focus for the Company as a primary market since their technology dramatically advanced the state of the art. I met these founders three years ago as they were ramping within healthcare, being chosen for both acute care and outpatient facilities for communication between all types of healthcare workers including physicians, nurses, technicians, social workers, administrators and others. Over the last three years since our first meeting, I have witnessed the technology platform advance from a reliable, HIPAA-compliant secure texting solution to an enterprise class secure communications and workflow platform enabling critical process improvement in the last few inches of healthcare —the front lines where work is done to affect patients’ lives. With product and technical leadership from companies like LinkedIn and Salesforce, they have been fortunate in crafting a platform with a strong enterprise product market fit and a consumer-friendly feel in terms of ease of use.

Powering Enterprise Level Healthcare

Today, TigerText powers enterprise level healthcare communications and workflow at over 1,000 US hospitals such as Universal Health Services and Community Health Systems along with leading academic institutions like the University of California System and Boston Children’s Hospital (a Harvard teaching affiliate). TigerText’s platform is also being used in other mission critical enterprise environments where secure communications and workflows are essential. From financial institutions to media and to the governmental and legal sector, other regulated sectors that value secure, reliable, and mobile communications and organize work around people, projects and teams are adopting TigerText. I look forward to being part of the growth story of this enterprise.