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October 28, 2020

ZineOne: Real-Time Hyper Personalization at Scale

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Norwest is thrilled to announce our Series B investment in ZineOne, a leading predictive customer engagement platform. ZineOne’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform uses its patent-pending Customer DNA technology to uncover the precise moment when brands should interact with their visitors across digital channels with relevant, real-time 1:1 engagements. We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with founder and CEO Debjani Deb and her team as the company continues to scale.

Massive, Growing Problem

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce, the preferred shopping method for younger generations such as Gen Z. It’s never been easier to browse and compare products across thousands of stores, which has led to a degradation of customer loyalty. As a result, brands are facing increasing competition and looking for solutions to digitally engage with visitors in bespoke ways across multiple channels.

ZineOne was founded in 2014 to help brands navigate these challenges. After selling her last social analytics company, EmPower, to Genpact, CEO Debjani Deb had a thesis that the next generation of consumer engagement would offer hyper-personalization in real-time with consumers. As a result, ZineOne has created industry-specific Customer Genomes that can predict by the 5th click whether or not a visitor will make a purchase. Crucially, ZineOne is able to predict on-the-fence shoppers and push a custom message, discount offer, or personalized action to help convert that shopper into a customer. ZineOne integrates with companies’ enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer data platform (CDP), and other data systems to serve as a decision engine and can be implemented in as little as two weeks.

Strong Customer Love

In our customer conversations during due diligence, we repeatedly heard that ZineOne delights customers. Some of the reasons leading brands choose ZineOne are due to its intuitive UI, real-time capabilities, and flexible templates. This next-generation approach to in-session targeting has increased incremental conversion rates by up to 30% and incremental annual revenue by up to 8% for existing customers.

We strongly believe that ZineOne offers a unique, simple, and powerful solution and are thrilled to welcome Debjani and the ZineOne team to the Norwest family.

ZineOne Employees