The Path from CPO to CEO

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The Chief Product Officer (CPO) has emerged as a powerful force in today’s business world, contributing to strategy development, product innovation, and, to an extent, go-to-market. Product leaders have a hand in mission-critical business initiatives with a focus on deeply understanding the minds of the customers they serve. The expanding scope of their roles has […]

Writing Your First Sales Playbook

Manila folder with 'Sales Playbook' written on it in marker

Founders typically drive all new customer acquisition when they first create a company. It might start with your first design partners as you’re building a product, then with digging deeper into your network to source new customers. Eventually, as you grow, you’ll need to start hiring salespeople to scale growth and win new business. This […]

From Product Manager to CEO: 5 Lessons Learned Along the Way

As CEO and co-founder of Noyo, I get to work with an incredibly talented team who are dedicated to fulfilling one of the benefits industry’s biggest needs: trusted, usable benefits data. When that data is available, it dramatically improves how people experience their benefits. It’s gratifying to know that we’ve already accomplished things that just […]

Domain Expertise: A Founder’s Greatest Asset

After 30 years of scaling IT, product, and services operations for global software companies and founding two technology startups, I believe the single most important factor in a startup’s success is the domain expertise of its founders. My story is a perfect example. Since my first job in the United States in 1997, every one […]

What Business Leaders Can Do When Employee Stock Options Are Underwater

Manila folder with 'Sales Playbook' written on it in marker

This is the second in a three-part series about repricing of employee stock options. It summarizes a webinar I hosted with two experts: Ali Murata, a partner in the Compensation & Benefits group at the law firm Cooley, and Kristin O’Hanlon, special counsel in Cooley’s Compensation & Benefits group. Part I discussed factors leading to […]