4 Tips for Implementing Lean Operations (In Good Times or Bad) at a Startup

About the author: Michael Jaconi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Button, the mobile commerce optimization platform used by most leading retailers and publishers to increase the revenue they see from their creator and affiliate strategies. Jaconi formerly served as the CEO of Rakuten Loyalty and Executive Officer of parent company Rakuten. Jaconi has been […]

The Path from CPO to CEO

stone pathway through a grassy field

The Chief Product Officer (CPO) has emerged as a powerful force in today’s business world, contributing to strategy development, product innovation, and, to an extent, go-to-market. Product leaders have a hand in mission-critical business initiatives with a focus on deeply understanding the minds of the customers they serve. The expanding scope of their roles has […]

Writing Your First Sales Playbook

Manila folder with 'Sales Playbook' written on it in marker

Founders typically drive all new customer acquisition when they first create a company. It might start with your first design partners as you’re building a product, then with digging deeper into your network to source new customers. Eventually, as you grow, you’ll need to start hiring salespeople to scale growth and win new business. This […]

From Product Manager to CEO: 5 Lessons Learned Along the Way

As CEO and co-founder of Noyo, I get to work with an incredibly talented team who are dedicated to fulfilling one of the benefits industry’s biggest needs: trusted, usable benefits data. When that data is available, it dramatically improves how people experience their benefits. It’s gratifying to know that we’ve already accomplished things that just […]