Norwest Welcomes ‘Sales Whisperer’ David Rudnitsky as CRO Operating Executive and Principal

David Rudnitsky - Norwest CRO Operating Executive and Principal

As we’ve built Norwest’s Portfolio Services team over the years, we’ve learned there is no substitute for experience and no shortcut to meaningful business relationships. Portfolio Services gained both experience and relationships during the past few decades by working in tandem with Norwest’s investment teams to support our founders and CEOs. We have helped portfolio […]

Board Diversity Delivers Results for Startups

board meeting

Editor’s Note: The following is a transcript from the Norwest Nowcast above where Norwest Talent Principal Kris Snodgrass shares examples of the stellar business outcomes that Norwest portfolio companies have realized from bringing underrepresented executives onto their boards and advisories. Hi, this is Kris Snodgrass with a Norwest Nowcast about the real business results that […]

How to Choose the Right Executive Coach for Startup Leadership

man in a white shirt seated at a glass table leaning forward and gesturing with both hands

If you’re like most founders, you want every possible advantage to help you and your company succeed. One go-to resource many have come to count on is leadership coaching. In the current funding environment, many leaders are in “wartime” mode, and the right coach can help you make the tough decisions needed to control burn, […]