Our worldview
Investing in a Changing World
Norwest believes in delivering sustained positive impact to our founders, their companies, our communities and the world. We have always been values-driven and take pride in knowing that many of our investments have the potential to be instruments of change. We invest with a returns-first mindset understanding that commitments to society and our planet can connect directly to profound growth and financial success.
our commitment
We are committed to working with values-aligned founders and entrepreneurs, because we believe the best way to build great companies is to invest in great leaders. We strive to ensure that our portfolio reflects the integrity of our worldview every day.
Worldview Themes
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Expanding access to economic opportunities and healthy outcomes
  • Climate resilience
    Mitigating harm and fostering cleaner environments
  • Traceable supply chains
    Delivering transparently and ethically produced goods and services
  • Livable spaces
    Creating sustainable and affordable housing solutions
  • Future of food
    Contributing to sustainable food systems
Our Approach to ESG & DEI

Our portfolio is a longstanding testament to helping high-integrity founders achieve their vision, and our ESG & DEI Policy reflects our worldview and desire to help address climate change and social inequality. We will make annual updates to this document as our strategy evolves and as we continue our learning journey. One of our firm’s values is to lead through humility and transparency, and we look forward to sharing more about both our successes and our failures.

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How we think about ESG

What is ESG

A way for investors to analyze and manage the risks and opportunities associated with environmental, social, and governance topics that can drive a company’s long-term value.

  • Environment
    Topics related to nature including carbon emissions, pollution & runoff, animal welfare and biodiversity.
  • Social
    Topics related to people including diverse representation; employee health, safety and satisfaction; and community relations.
  • Governance
    Topics related to process, leadership, and power.
    Examples include board policies and controls.

How Norwest uses ESG

  • Due diligence
    High-level risk and opportunity identification
  • Investment
    Structure and optimize for values-aligned investments
  • Portfolio management
    Engagement and support for improvement where needed
Why ESG Matters to Our Companies
  • Creates competitive advantage

    Uncovers blind spots, mitigates risk and drives positive brand association

  • Helps to foster stronger company culture

    Improves employee retention and engagement; and attracts strong candidates

  • Builds foundation for sustainable growth

    Drives future-facing awareness and resilience among management and employees



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