Responsible Investing

investments for our people and planet.

Bigger wins for our companies and firm.

Responsible investing drives greater success.

Values have always guided our investments at Norwest. Like any business, returns come first, and we strive to get there with integrity, long-term perspective, and a focus on continual improvement. We’re committed to responsible investing practices. To us, that means doing good business with companies ready to do the same. We’ve discovered that these values pay off – companies that prioritize solid governance practices, diversity and inclusion, thoughtful leadership, and a commitment to their team and long-term sustainability achieve greater success.

Responsible Investing in Action

Business success is not only measured in current revenue, but in future impact. Today’s leaders are rethinking how their businesses are run. Ultimately, the data shows that thinking ahead and acting responsibly can drive better outcomes.

As a firm we aim to:


Sustainable, equitable, accountable companies perform better.

Leaders are integrating responsible business strategies to drive these short and long-term benefits:

Get ahead of competitors.

Better business practices help reduce risk, build your brand’s reputation, and give you an edge in the market. Diverse perspectives lead to better ideas and better solutions.

Strengthen company culture.

A more thoughtful, responsible, relatable workplace keeps employees engaged in the work and attracts top talent to round out your team.

Grow with integrity, grow for the long-term.

Knowing where you stand on global issues keeps you prepared and resilient for whatever may come your way. And thinking sustainably ensures long-term growth.

Our approach
to responsible investing

In advancing our efforts, Norwest focuses on 3 key areas:

Norwest as a firm.

Change first comes from within. We’re transforming our policies and developing best practices. We're striving to hire investment and portfolio services team members from underrepresented groups. And we’re committing ourselves to continual improvement.

Norwest as an investor.

Working to set a higher standard, we seek to partner with founders that share our values and embrace responsible business practices.

Norwest as a guide.

The first step toward progress is education. For us, that means getting the conversation going, providing our companies the inspiration and support they need at every stage.

A Word About ESG Criticisms

We recognize there are criticisms of ‘ESG’ as an acronym, and at the same time we know that a focus on relevant topics like business governance, data privacy, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion drive better outcomes for our companies and our firm.

We avoid greenwashing by being transparent about our actions and opportunities for growth.
While the acronym may change, our priority on responsibly investing in businesses that produce positive outcomes for all stakeholders will not go away.


Businesses growing the right way.

As we see with more and more of our most successful portfolio companies,
when you lead with your values, you lead in your industry.