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HLTH Conference, Las Vegas


October 9, 2023


3-4:30pm PT


Irem Rami

HLTH: Put Your Money Where the
Impact Is

Impact investing offers an opportunity to refocus on the fundamentals when funding new health technologies and digital health solutions. Instead of being swayed solely by the attention-grabbing headlines of press releases, the focus should shift towards understanding the potential impact these innovations can have on society. It raises the important question of how shareholder profits and social good can coexist harmoniously. We have to figure out a way to strike the perfect balance between financial returns and creating meaningful societal benefits. By embracing this approach, investors can direct their capital towards ventures that not only generate financial returns, but also contribute to the greater social good in the healthcare sector. The time is always right to do what’s right.


Irem Rami, Principal, Norwest


JD Friedland, Managing Director, Cleveland Clinic Ventures, Cleveland Clinic

Joy Ippolito, Ph.D., Social Impact Investment Director, American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact

Julien L. Pham, MD, MPH, Founder & Managing Partner, 3CC | Third Culture Capital

Meera Mani, MD, PhD, Partner, Town Hall Ventures


Irem Rami

Principal, Norwest

Irem brings over a decade of investing and operating experience across various stages of healthcare services and healthcare technology companies. At Norwest, she focuses on venture and growth equity opportunities across healthcare services, healthcare IT, pharma services and digital health.