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July 27-28, 2023


1-1:45pm ET


Lisa Ames

Marketing AI Conference

Lisa Ames, Principal, CMO & Operating Executive will be speaking on a panel at the 4th annual MAICON—Marketing AI Conference July 27-28.

“Inside the C-Suite: CMO Perspectives on the Opportunities and Obstacles of AI Adoption”

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the marketing landscape, offering new opportunities to reach and engage customers, personalize experiences, drive productivity, enhance creativity, and optimize performance.

However, AI adoption has its challenges. Scaling AI requires significant investments in technology, data, and talent, and there can be countless barriers to overcome, including legal, regulatory, and ethical considerations.

This session will explore the opportunities and obstacles of AI adoption from the perspective of leading CMOs across a diverse set of industries. Panelists will share their experiences with AI, discuss the benefits and challenges of AI-powered marketing, and offer insights into how your organization can successfully pilot and scale AI.



The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) was created for marketing leaders and practitioners seeking to drive the next frontier of digital marketing transformation within their organizations. MAICON takes you beyond the splashy headlines and industry jargon to explore the business and practice of AI through keynotes and breakout sessions. This will help you learn what’s possible now through the eyes of the marketers, analysts, and AI experts who are leading the way.


Lisa Ames

CMO, Principal & Operating Executive