Senior Advisor, E-Commerce & Performance Marketing

    Jamie is a senior advisor at Norwest Venture Partners, providing counsel to Norwest’s portfolio companies in the areas of E-Commerce and performance marketing.

    During her career, Jamie has been a key partner in launching, scaling, and optimizing brands utilizing digital marketing and E-Commerce best practices. Her experience ranges from customer analytics to growth and performance marketing.

    Currently, Jamie leads E-Commerce and Performance Marketing at Vuori, a performance apparel brand in the Norwest Portfolio. She serves as the key member for driving online revenue through optimizing performance marketing spend, partnering with digital and technology to act as a stakeholder on revenue-driving initiatives, and understands the customer and the business through analytics. Her role has evolved at Vuori, working closely with digital and technology as well as marketing.

    Prior to Vuori, Jamie led E-Commerce Marketing at Stance and helped launch the first DTC snack brand at Frito-Lay, serving on the company’s first E-Commerce Marketing team. Her experience ranges from CPG to apparel and all aspects responsible for driving and understanding growth.

    Jamie holds a BBA in Marketing from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.