Norwest company since: 2020
Sector: Consumer
Stage: Venture Capital
Investor: Priti Youssef Choksi

Worldview Spotlight

UPSIDE Foods Leads the Way in Bringing Cultivated Meat to Consumers


UPSIDE Foods' mission is to make our favorite foods a force for good.
Who They Are and What They Do

UPSIDE Foods creates cultivated meat to reduce the animal and environmental impacts of a global food system that demands increasingly larger amounts of meat to feed a growing population. Founded by a cardiologist inspired by medical advances in cultivation of heart muscle tissue, UPSIDE is a pioneer in this innovative and rapidly growing space. Pending regulatory approval, UPSIDE Foods will sell its products in the U.S. and global markets.

Why We’re Proud of This Investment
  • Disruption for good: Cultivated meat is an innovative solution to some of the complex challenges surrounding climate adaptation and food stability for a growing global population while addressing prevalent animal welfare concerns.
  • Walking the talk: In November 2021 UPSIDE Foods unveiled a window-filled Engineering, Production and Innovation Center (EPIC) surrounded by shops and homes. This facility is designed to demonstrate how cultivated meat arrives at consumers’ tables, representing a stark difference from a traditional slaughterhouse.
How This Company Fits our Worldview

At Norwest, we get excited when we see potential for positive disruption of aging systems. For our consumer investors, this includes innovative and more sustainable approaches to the future of food. We believe demand for cultivated and plant-based meat will grow exponentially, as shared in our blog titled Venture Capital Advice for Aspiring Food Tech Startups.

“In UPSIDE Foods, we see a massive opportunity to feed our planet in a sustainable and humane fashion.” – Priti Youssef Choksi, Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

Read our announcement about this investment to learn more.
We love working with Priti and the Norwest team as they share our mission of going after the grand challenge of bringing upside to meat production and making it a force for good.
– Uma Valeti, Founder and CEO, UPSIDE Foods


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