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Case Studies



Company: Ritual
Industry: Vitamins
Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Culver City, CA
Funding stage: Series B
Norwest investments: Seed through Series B


Lisa Wu

Watch an in-depth conversation between Norwest Partner Lisa Wu and Ritual Founder & CEO Katerina Schneider.

Investment Snapshot
Ritual Investment Opportunity
  • Introduce a fully transparent, science-first approach to every ingredient of multivitamins
  • Build a personal connection between consumers and the vitamins they take

Market Trends/Drivers
  • Commitment to healthier lifestyles and transparency of sourcing for products
  • Direct-to-consumer sales of health products

Norwest Investment
  • Seed through Series B

Portfolio Services Utilized
  • Capital Markets/M&A
  • Talent & Retention
  • HR & People Advisory
  • Operating Executive & Senior Advisors
  • Business Development

  • $100 million in subscription revenues within four years