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August 02, 2016
CognitiveScale Transforms Customer Engagement
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IBM’s ever-brilliant Watson computer has accomplished some amazing feats in its lifetime. It has humbled human champions on Jeopardy. It has identified therapies for cancer patients based on the genetics of their tumors, performing in minutes a task that would take doctors weeks to do.

Here’s another impressive thing Watson did. It inspired some of IBM’s brightest minds to leave IBM and innovate a new class of AI to solve challenges specific to industries. Maybe you could call it Sherlock to IBM’s Watson. They call it CognitiveScale, a groundbreaking company that enables businesses to tackle mind-bending problems across many different markets, from financial services to retail to healthcare.

CognitiveScale has invented software algorithms that learn and adapt on the fly, under rapidly changing user and market conditions. And as the algorithms adapt, they reprogram themselves to improve the quality of the insights they deliver. It’s a virtual (and virtuous) loop that continuously feeds enterprise users smarter decisions to solve ever more complex business problems.

The wisdom of CognitiveScale

CognitiveScale’s genius is pairing man and machine to achieve something new and exponentially more valuable. Its groundbreaking approach inspired Norwest Venture Partners to co-lead a $21.8 million Series B round with Intel Capital. CognitiveScale will use the funding to grow global sales and delivery, and accelerate development of its product portfolio, as organizations of all sizes discover and use cognitive systems of intelligence. CognitiveScale’s mission is to bring scalable, practical AI to enterprises of all sizes in all industries via cognitive clouds.

CognitiveScale has filed more than 60 patents around its Deep Cognition Engine, which is at the core of its customer solutions. It’s the world’s first intelligent engine that learns a domain, understands end-user context, personalizes and adapts experiences, learns continuously from data and actions, and delivers cognitive insights that can be woven into new or existing processes and applications.

CognitiveScale’s flagship products are Engage and Amplify. They interpret multistructured big data and instill learning and knowledge across the enterprise, from front office to back office to mission-critical core functions.

Both products learn from new data and customer interactions, and deliver insights and advice concurrent with changes in goals, preferences and the business environment. They are deployed through CognitiveScale’s secure and hybrid cognitive cloud platform, which can be implemented and scaled on IBM, Amazon or Microsoft.

A top-flight executive team

CognitiveScale has a talented and experienced team of executives who bring management expertise in key industry verticals as well as deep experience in both enterprise software and machine learning. CognitiveScale is led by executive chairman Manoj Saxena, the first general manager of IBM Watson division; CEO Akshay Sabhikhi, previously the global leader for IBM’s Smarter Care; and CTO Matt Sanchez, former leader of Watson Labs.

Emerging from stealth mode in October 2014, CognitiveScale has already deployed its products with Fortune 100 companies in financial services, healthcare and commerce. It will undoubtedly be deployed with many more, as it helps enterprises build stronger, smarter customer engagement.

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