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Data center networking is undergoing a tectonic shift. Modern applications like the apps on your phone and the Netflix videos that you stream are placing immense pressure on networks to be more scalable, more stable, and less expensive. Enter SnapRoute, a company solving these problems by enabling network administrators to create more agile and flexible data centers. SnapRoute’s key innovation is its FlexSwitch open source networking software, which challenges the status quo of today’s expensive proprietary networking hardware by instead running on commodity “white box” routers and switches.

Norwest Venture Partners believes in SnapRoute’s mission and its potential to disrupt the multibillion-dollar networking market. We are thrilled to announce that we’re leading SnapRoute’s $25M series A funding round, alongside Lightspeed Venture Partners, AT&T and Microsoft Ventures.

I started my career as a sales engineer at Cisco where I witnessed firsthand customers struggle to manage the cost, scale and stability of their networks. So when I first met the incredible team at SnapRoute and learned about their approach of writing an open source network operating system from the bottom up, I knew immediately they were on the path to building an unrivaled product. SnapRoute’s FlexSwitch brings customers the transformative benefits of code modularity, hardware flexibility, and powerful APIs without the worry of vendor lock-in.

Already, FlexSwitch is deployed in production networks and has been recognized by the Open Compute Project, an initiative led by Facebook and other leading tech companies to create an open source architecture for the next generation data center. Much of SnapRoute’s advantage is the fact that it enables network engineers to program and manage their networks just like modern software without being locked into expensive solutions from legacy vendors.

SnapRoute’s founding team is composed of former top engineers at Apple. They know a thing or two about cutting-edge networking from their time working there, when they were tasked with building a network that never went down. They truly understand the technology required for hyper-growth and scale and have applied their knowledge to creating a solution that’s more flexible and affordable than anything else seen before in the networking market.

Throughout the history of data center networking, vendors like Cisco, Arista and Juniper have dominated the market by tightly bundling hardware and software. But that’s all about to change. SnapRoute enables companies to use open source software to break away from the legacy vendor shackles. We are truly excited to collaborate with the team at SnapRoute as they shape the future of networking!

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