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Case Studies



Company: Button

Industry: Ecommerce


Founded: 2014

Headquarters: New York City

Norwest investments: Series B (2017)


Head shot for Jeff CroweJeff Crowe

Investment Snapshot
Button Growth Opportunity
  • Continue to add large retailers as customers and maximize publisher commerce revenues
  • Tap deeper into the exploding Creator economy to provide Button’s commerce optimization capabilities to this increasingly important channel
  • Broaden the application of AI in the platform

Market Trends/Drivers
  • Even as e-commerce becomes a larger share of the economy, traditional online marketing methods are becoming ever-less effective
  • New privacy measures sharply limit the ability of marketers to collect and use information about consumers
  • More effective approaches that focus on driving commerce and outcomes that are measured in a privacy-first way are in high demand

Norwest Investment
  • Led Series B of $20 million

Portfolio Services Utilized
  • People & Talent
  • Marketing & Sales
  • M&A and Capital Markets

  • Leadership position in mobile e-commerce enablement
  • Enhanced capital management and operational efficiency
  • Award-winning corporate culture and workplace environment
  • Surviving existential crisis during COVID pandemic